About us


Future Gas Limited is Zambian registered Oil Marketing Company (OMC) that plays an active role in the international petroleum trade and supply market with international representation, local wholesale and distribution of petroleum products in Southern and East Africa under the license of Energy Regulation Board of Zambia.

With many years combined experience in the petroleum industry, Future Gas Limited is ideally positioned to grow the international business to become a major trading entity and have a real impact on the business of the major petroleum refineries.

About us

Future Gas Limited is an independent supplier of bulk petroleum products, specialising in quality cross-industry fuel supply, fuel delivery and fuel management solutions.As a company, we are passionate about innovative services, processes and technologies

About Future Gas

Future Gas Limited is a fast-growing energy marketer registered in Zambia. We provide fuels, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and lubricants to businesses and consumers across Zambia.We have a wide range of vehicles to suit all delivery requirements, from large industry, transport, and retail sites, down to small deliveries.

We pride ourselves on being affordable as well as providing professional and timely services.We have a diverse range of LPG commercial services that can be used for boilers, heating raw materials and as a source of heat in poultry-rearing.